Article #1: It's alive!


So, here it is. the first and most pointless article of them all. However, you have to start somehow, right?

Anyways, welcome and thank you for visiting this page, where we will try to entertain you with rocks, however improbable it seems. So, lets begin...

Be amazed! Prepare to be thrilled by the fantastic everyday adventures of Rock, in all its highs and lows, ups and downs, glory and shame. You did get yourself in the middle of an exciting and strictly scientific project with one and only aim: how many rock puns are its creators able to make and how many of them are the readers willing to withstand? And why? Just to see how far can our sturdy hero make it in the world of social media and internet entertainment. Can he climb on a the mountain of popularity? Maybe somewhere along the way, together we will find and answer to some of the life's most puzzling questions like: "How stupid can it get?", "When did they learn how to draw a strip?" or our personal favorite "When will they stop for god's sake?".

In the meantime, just lay back and enjoy our struggle.